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Management Trainee Experience: Stephanie Panossian

I am Stephanie Panossian, a management trainee based in the Dubai office. I’ve lived in Lebanon my whole life and I graduated from the American University of Beirut with a bachelor in Business Administration half a year ago.

What amazed me when I first joined Kraft Heinz was the office environment. I met people of different academic and geographic backgrounds who work together hand in hand for the success of the company which they consider to be their own. I was also impressed by the fact that the employees are very helpful and friendly, always finding the time to help you and guide you even though they have tons of work to do.

The first week of induction was both very interesting and intense. The inductions gave us both a broad view of the company and also, a very much tailored view of how the company works.

Although it is my first week at Kraft Heinz, I feel like I have learned so much in the last 5 days. Having attended a meeting with the marketing research company Kraft Heinz works with, I now know how the company decides on what new product to introduce into other parts of the world.

Having performed a very minor exercise with the regional brand manager of MENAT, I now know how to make sure whether or not a new product introduced is cannibalizing the sales of the other products.

5 days at Kraft Heinz has taught me much more than what university taught me in a period of 3 years. I look forward to learning new things each and every day at Kraft Heinz and keep the adrenaline rush going.

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Management Trainee Experience: Calvin Lee

My name is Calvin and I’m one of the Melbourne based management trainees. I graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting from Monash University mid last year.

After a month of rigorous learning and team bonding, I said goodbye to my counterparts based in New Zealand, Singapore and Queensland as the corporate induction came to a close in late January. I then began my rotation in field sales where I learnt valuable lessons in the art of negotiation, how customers engage with our products and by being a Kraft Heinz rep for local supermarkets, what it truly means to be an owner. The stores I called upon were predominantly Coles stores and a couple of Woolworths stores.

A regular day in the field consisted of building rapport with the grocery and store managers, stocking and tidying up shelves for our products and checking for any out of stocks. I was also involved in setting up head office negotiated displays and towers and also negotiating over and above displays with the managers.

With my stint in field sales coming to an end, I’m excited to start my rotation in sales where I’ll be working in the Metcash team. Hopefully I can build upon the skills I’ve learnt and continue to learn and grow with Kraft Heinz.

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Management Trainee Experience: Fahmi Fahrurozi

I am Fahmi, Manufacturing Management Trainee from Indonesia. I recently completed my Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Engineering Physics at Universitas Gadjah Mada. I have been assigned to the Continuous Improvement Department, based in the Daan Mogot Plant in Indonesia for my first rotation.

As a Management Trainee, I am given a wonderful opportunity to learn our company’s business from upstream to downstream, from planning to sales execution, which gives me an insight on how Kraft Heinz Company run and also how the FMCG industry works.

What I love the most about this program is the exposure and the guidance from the Board of Directors that allows me to learn directly from the experts. One word to describe my experience here is challenging! At the Continuous Improvement Department, I will be working on several cost saving projects which are mainly focused on reducing loss from Raw Material (RM), Packaging Material (PM), and Work in Progress (WIP) at the Daan Mogot Plant.

One of the projects is to reduce loss from sugar, the raw material for making soy sauce, that could potentially save around 31K USD each year! I am excited to be given this opportunity to contribute directly to our company’s savings plan.

It’s been an amazing learning experience so far and I am looking forward to the next challenges.

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Management Trainee Experience: Naufal Fauzan

Supply chain immersion is something out of this world, it was very exciting because we  not only had class sessions but also had chance to visit Kraft Heinz plants and Distribution center in Karawang and Jakarta. The first day began with brief explanation about supply chain by South East Asia Supply Chain director Marcelo Figueiredo where we were taught and given insight around how raw material and packaging processed to become finished goods before being delivered to our consumers. On the same day the Head of Procurement, Yuanita Leksono and team introduced us to our suppliers, e-Auction process, co-packers among others.

We then visited our Distribution Center (DC) in Karawang, West Java where we were given a warm welcome by the Logistics team. They shared with us on the improvements made to reduce logistics cost year over year. We also had a chance to tour the DC and it was fascinating to learn that Kraft Heinz in Indonesia manages their own DC. Following that, we visited our biggest plant in Indonesia, Karawang which produces our main products – Chilli Sauce and Cordials. The Manufacturing team walked us through the whole process flow and annual target. It was interesting to have a tour of the plant and we had a discussion regarding our facility condition. There were many areas that we are working on to improve.

We were also introduced to the Problem Solving Methodology which I believe will be very useful for us as we work on our projects following our deployment. The Sales and Operations team further provided us with insights around demand, distribution and supply planning. The week closed with a visit to Daan Mogot where the team shared with us how we produce sweet soy sauce. Our final visit was to the lab and here, I saw one of our values in action – that of maintaining the highest quality of our products.

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Management Trainee Experience: Shanshan Liu

I am Shanshan, Management Trainee based in Melbourne. I completed my studies in accounting, finance and international management in Sydney. Prior to the program, I worked a four month internship in the marketing team focusing on soup category. Travelling is my biggest passion outside of work, I have been impressed by the culture and food that different places have brought me.

Over the first three weeks of my journey as a management trainee at KHC, I have felt welcomed, inspired, challenged and informed. Here are two of my key learnings from the three weeks.

1.The importance of staying hungry, staying foolish.

It might sound clichéd, but in the past a few weeks I really understood the importance of staying hungry and foolish. I don’t know everything, it might even be that I didn’t know anything when I first started at Kraft Heinz but I know that the steep learning curve has just begun. The presentations and case studies we received from various functions really helped me put all the puzzles together, and at the same time I was surprised by how much you could learn from people with different backgrounds.

2.The importance of building connections.

From Bruno’s welcome speech to talking to the operation guys in the Echuca baby food factory, getting to know how a banana custard pouch is cooked, filled and packed, I have to say that Kraft Heinz is a fascinating place with talented and genuinely nice people. Over the past five months, I have been impressed with the number of people who are willing to go out of their way to provide me with assistance. Undoubtedly, I have benefited immensely from the connections I have made so far!

The past three weeks have been great and I can’t wait to take up the next challenge!

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Management Trainee Experience: Annisa Anjani

One word to describe my second week in Kraft Heinz: FUN!

Our second week of immersion focused on Sales. During the week, we had a session with the Trade Marketing team where we were exposed to how to develop promotions and attractive POS Materials to reach even more consumers. Claudemir Cordeiro, the Sales Execution Manager in Indonesia, also highlighted the importance of sales execution, no matter how perfect our planning. The team showed us a checklist that has been created to measure how well planning is executed in the sales field.

It was then onto market visits! We visited both Modern Trade and General Trade stores, including one of the biggest supermarket chains in Indonesia, Carrefour. There, the Sales Promoter Girl (SPG) walked us through how she secured an additional display shelf for our brand – that is ownership!

We also had a chance to visit a General Trade store called Pasar Mampang in Jakarta. During this visit, I noticed that our products’ availability in the market is highly dependent on the effort of our sales people. We observed that there are different kind of shops in each pasar (market), depending on the customer’s purchasing patterns. The market was wet and hot, but it did not feel so as we were too eager to interview the shop owners!

In between our market visits and intense immersion, we also had a chance to sit with Southeast Asia’s COO, Pedro Albuquerque who emphasized the importance of continuous learning and to never limit ourselves, despite our background or experiences.

We closed the week with a presentation of our findings and suggestions for the Sales Departments. Each team elaborated on many different solutions, but the most interesting came from Bayu Putra who presented a market blueprint proposal. The blueprint will map out each store in a market with updates of their ABC purchasing record, which will be a useful companion for sales people. I look forward to seeing the approval and possible execution of this proposal!

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Management Trainee Experience – Samantha Ty

Hi! I am Samantha Ty, a Corporate Management Trainee from Singapore. I am originally from Philippines, but in the past year, I had studied in a tri-city program in SP Jain School of Global Management, Masters in Global Business majoring in Finance. Currently, my fellow trainees and I are in Melbourne for a 3-week orientation of the business. I will be embarking on my first rotation in Finance after our orientation.

It was refreshing getting to know more about my fellow trainees from Australia and New Zealand during our orientation. They all came from different backgrounds, both in terms of discipline of study and cultural background. It helped to bring different perspectives and approaches in all aspects of business and life.

This has been an intense program designed to understand the functions of each department and simulating actual dilemmas through case studies. We had an opportunity to interact with all functions, gather data, learn, and analyse to produce viable solutions to propose back to each department. We were welcomed by Bruno Lino, ANJ Managing Director and also had the opportunity to listen to our Zone President, Marcos Romaneiro on the key priorities of the AMEA business.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my orientation program and growing my career here!

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Australia 2017 Grad Program

The KraftHeinz Graduate Program provides a springboard to a large range of opportunities both within Australia and around the globe. Based in both Melbourne and Auckland, this 12-month accelerated program gives successful applicants the foundations they need to succeed in a world-class organisation like ours.

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Singapore Grad Program 2017

This program is designed to broaden your knowledge of how a multi-faceted, multi-national corporation operates. Trainees are groomed to be the future leaders of Kraft Heinz. All trainees will undergo a one year program with exposure to key areas of the business and will lead a project directly correlated to business growth before graduating and awarded a junior management position.

Why apply?

There are exciting and unlimited growth opportunities offered, together with the autonomy to take full ownership of your work and achieve results from Day 1. If you’re eager to own your career and deliver results, this is the company you should apply to.

Who Will Love A Career Here?

You are looking for a career with a true impact, where you can make impactful decisions and tackle challenges on a daily basis. If you are you naturally curious, ambitious and find satisfaction working in a fast-paced environment, you will love a career with Kraft Heinz. Put your solid analytical skill sets and strong business acumen to good use as you embark on this journey with Kraft Heinz to become the Best Food Company, Growing a Better World.

What Is Kraft Heinz Looking For?

  • Self-driven. You have superior organizational skills, integrity and great follow through on tasks. You don’t get overwhelmed easily… numerous projects on hand? No prob!
  • Naturally curious. You’re innovative, extremely creative and constantly looking for ways to improve upon things.
  • Obsessive about delivering results and taking ownership of your work
  • Ambitious. You’re always on the lookout to do better and to take on bigger challenges
  • Fun. You’re a charismatic people person who can talk to anyone; you’re flexible, fearless, and excited to help build something awesome and share it with the world.
  • Motivated and innovative. You understand the impact of your role and will think out of the box to deliver your results
  • A utility player. You’re willing to help out wherever needed.
  • An excellent communicator. You know how to simplify complex issues and are comfortable to speak with colleagues across all regions

Minimum Requirements

  • A Bachelor Degree in any discipline
  • Only people who are eligible to work in Singapore or who are certain they can gain eligibility through immigration processes should apply. Evidence will be required.

Application Period

All year round.