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calvin lee

Management Trainee Experience: Calvin Lee

My name is Calvin and I’m one of the Melbourne based management trainees. I graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting from Monash University mid last year.

After a month of rigorous learning and team bonding, I said goodbye to my counterparts based in New Zealand, Singapore and Queensland as the corporate induction came to a close in late January. I then began my rotation in field sales where I learnt valuable lessons in the art of negotiation, how customers engage with our products and by being a Kraft Heinz rep for local supermarkets, what it truly means to be an owner. The stores I called upon were predominantly Coles stores and a couple of Woolworths stores.

A regular day in the field consisted of building rapport with the grocery and store managers, stocking and tidying up shelves for our products and checking for any out of stocks. I was also involved in setting up head office negotiated displays and towers and also negotiating over and above displays with the managers.

With my stint in field sales coming to an end, I’m excited to start my rotation in sales where I’ll be working in the Metcash team. Hopefully I can build upon the skills I’ve learnt and continue to learn and grow with Kraft Heinz.